Pastured Meats and Custom Woodworking

Pastured Meats and Custom Woodworking

Pastured Meats and custom woodworking

pastured meats and custom woodworking

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The Mission:

Fairfax Farms exists to provide small farm products with superior taste and nutritional density. Education and public participation in regenerative farming practices are equally important and opportunities for both are also being cultivated. Being a steward of the land, and having a productive small farm can go hand in hand.

The three Stooges


Hi, I'm Fairfax Landstreet. I started Fairfax Farms at the beginning of 2020 and have been rapidly growing the farm and educating people that food does not have to be riddled with guilt. It can be healthy, tasty, environmentally positive, and ethical.


Our animals are raised exactly how they want to be. You will routinely find them frolicking and playing in the woods or on pasture. Diversified forage and exercise makes all the difference in the taste AND nutritional density of the meat. These truly are happy animals.


At the center of it all is the land. Fertility and management practices shape many of the infinite and invited variables that go into our products. At the very heart of the thing, I am a grass farmer and steward of the forest in which my animals derive much of their nutrition. Fun to think about.

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